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Friday, August 10, 2007

Behind my Silence is Rajini

Ajit's special interview to Tamil weekly Ananda Vikadan

"Hai evening six ok?" - after 3 years Ajit has accepted to give an interview, the reason for his merry mood is that its his 15th year in cinema! Amidst the melodious music in Park sheraton, he welcomes us with a beuatiful smile.

Success and failures have never been a stranger to Ajit. Even now all his movies take a bumper opening- That's Ajit's speciality! right from the moment he forayed as the first generation hero , he has tasted ups and downs. In the dictionary of Kodambaakam THALA is a irrestable word.

"I always beleive what my heart says. I beleive that truth always triumphs, thats why I kept myself away for sometime. This time has given me the scope to understand myself ans also makes others understand me, so now I thought its the right time to talk to you"
says Ajit with a friendly smile!

How r you ?, first tell us that !

I am very happy. I always have the first smile for u people, well just that i have reduced unnecessary speech. What we have spoke out rules us, but what we have not spoken is still under our command, but anyways after 3 years - I am prepared to talk something good.

I stepped into cinema knowing nothing, then with lots of fear, I learned a lot. Assai was my sixth film but that wa my first success! God never allows anybody to taste success easily. In 15 years I have done 46 films, Aasai, Kaadal kottai, Mugavari, Vaali, Villain, Varalaaru, Kireedam...a long list sparks up in my heart, I have not made pathbreaking victories but i have tried something good.

In the past, I have spoken unnecessarily - some things were reflected in a wrong meaning - much has happened. Now I am clear, I need everybody! Yes, Ajit and Shalini needs everybody's blessing and love! Silence is like meditation, we need to learn a lot. These four years I am very happy with my Family, my home, friends, my favorite games etc.., what have u earned by having a successfull carreer alone? we should be successfull in our personnel life as well, if that is not peaceful what do we do with the money, fame etc?

Congrats! going to become a dad now, so Junior Ajit or Shalini?

Thank you !our wedding in itself was a beautiful dream ! we married and accepted each other happily . when someone comments us that we are made for each other, we just smile gently because we have fought so much too! but the fight will also be there as to who givesup first, when I leave for a car race, there's a smiley face who stands at the end of the track and encourages- thats Shalini!, she started watching me playing badminton but now she is a state level player!

The life that was flowing like this is now diverted with exciting happiness in the form our our baby! while we walk in a dark street, the glow of the street light is something that makes us feel safe and happy - we feel so grateful and pray for that blessing . I am in such a state!

She is the same old Shalini but nowadays she looks more and more beautiful! The respect I have on her is growing ! Another soul that is going to join us is giving us more happiness!

I got the news when I was at BILLA shooting in Malaysia..two months after that I have made 17 trips to home to meet her, she asked me with a shy smile " O my god. u just came recently" I just said " hello just 1 day? its been 24 hours madam! and I just smile at her.

This is one of our best days! The due date in in January, saying that in our style- we have a pongal relase for you!

We could not see the Dhamakka Ajit now, all we see is an Ajit who ressembles a Silent Corporate Guru! how did this Magic happen?

I am now trained to respect my silence as a Language. This is a good feeling. Why should someone reject peace? I have accepted this peace graciously .

"Live and Let live" 2 lines 3 words. These lines mean the most in this world and I have realised that! What makes me happier is to know that all people in this industry like me a little I am not saying that I am the perfect man and everyone had hurt me. My age I might have been wrong too! if there is some good to somebody because of Ajit , its fine , but there should nobody who earns bad will because of me. I have understood that. That is what Life thought me!

This body has stood 14 surgeries ! 4 in the spine alone!! I have much pain in my body but the mental agony that I had come across was much much more!

Doctors call it ba miracle when they hear that I am walking now, but against all that I am dancing and doing risky stunts on my own interest even though masters dnt advise.For Billa I made a 500 feet jump! I do not call this my skill or my confidence! I call this a blessing!

Nobody can stop what god can give and nobody can give what he does not want to give.

My life was changed because of Rajini Sir! when I was in a confused state with so much problems, he gifted me with the book called "Living with the Himalayan Masters"

When we expect something big and if that makes us happy, then the happiness will fade once what we expected moves away from us - These small things were well brought out in that book!
A few days back when someone would have told that a book can change my life, I wud have laughed my lungs out! but now the book which Rajini sir gave me just proved that, this attachment is not seen outside, but its a lingering feel and state of mind.

Rajini sir has helped me to understand myself !

Trisha recently made a statement that "Ajit is the best person she has met in this industry" and even Simbhu tells that "Ajit is the only person who never speaks on the sly". What do u feel when u hear all this?

I feel so grateful and I wish to thank them! what makes me more happy is to know that everyone likes me a little !

Everbody is now expecting BILLA.so how is that shaping out ?

Its a good movie! Already a Super hit movies done by Rajini sir..The current generation might not have seen BILLA and remaking BILLA was one an idea that I liked very much!

When Sharukh remade DON, there was much controversy on that issue. So I met Rajini sir and spoke to him about my idea of remaking Billa and sought his blessings ! he was so happy about it, wished me and to make things more auspicious kicked-off the project by lighting the lamp!

BILLA is surely my next phase in Cinema..its growing to be a technically stylish film ! well its better my movies do the talks than myself!! probably this deepavali !

Translated by Ms. Priya
Thanks to VMS, AFE

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