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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Director Saran spills the beans about his current project with Ultimate Star, Ajith. The film, produced by Sivaji Films, is slated to begin shoot from May 4.

"The story of ‘Asal’ has been a germ of an idea in me for over a few years now. When I told it to Ajith, he said he really liked it. And we hadn't decided on a title then. And Ajith immediately asked me, what is the word for The Original in Tamil? I said ‘Asal’, and immediately knew I got my movie's title," chuckles the director, who is yet to finalise two heroines for the film.

Speaking about the film's storyline, he says it is tad complicated. "One of the strong themes that the film rests on is going against anybody who cheats someone who believes them. In this film, Ajith will openly vent his anger out on such people. But the film is not just another revenge tale," he adds.

Plans are on to shoot the film in Tokyo and Turkey, and Saran admits that Ajith is special to him. "I've worked with many heroes, but I must admit that Ajith is special to me. He was completely sick, immobile, and admitted in a hospital a few years ago, and I went to meet him. I was shocked to see he could not even move his head, while the rest of his body remained numb to him. He saw me and said, 'Keep an action story ready for me. I'll be back in two months.' You won't believe that he was back in two months, and the film we did was 'Amarkalam'. Ajith is truly special and Asal."

Don't Celebrate My Birthday - Ajith Kumar

Ajith Kumar has sent out a message to fans, requesting them not to celebrate his birthday, which falls on May 1. He wants the focus to be on the Tamils who are suffering in Sri Lanka. We reproduce the letter below :


I sincerely thank you for the response that was accorded to the inauguration of my film “ASAL” at Chennai recently. I convey my gratitude to my fans who could not make it but wished through my office. It has been brought to my attention that the members of my AJIT KUMAR Narpani Iyyakam have planned to celebrate my birthday falling on May 1st with huge fun fare. I sincerely feel that whole process will be highly inhuman if we celebrate my birthday on the background of our fellow Tamils languishing and suffering amidst death and pain in Srilanka.

Further to this we are aware that the General Elections are being conducted all over the Country. At this point of time, I sincerely feel our celebrations should not pose any discomfort to the authorities concerned.

Since I am leaving abroad for my shooting at the end of this month, I request my fans to circumvent the stress of trying to wish me in person. Vide this letter, I request the members of my organization to co-operate with the Iyyakam Headquarters in revamping the organizations.

With Love

Ajit Kumar

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hunger Protest

Ajith fans at Viluppuram went on a 9 hour fast to express solidarity with the Lankan Tamils caught in the ongoing war. Viluppuram Ajith Fans Club President Mr.R.Senthil organised hunger protest at Viluppuram on last Sunday(Nov 09, 2008) between 8 am - 5 pm before Viluppuram District Collector Office demanding ceasefire and an end to the attacks on Tamils in the island country. Many Ajith fans participated in this hunger protest. Here are few images from the hunger protest.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Ajith and Nayathara the hit pair is back in action with a complete family entertainer; choreographer turned director Raju sundaram is wielding the role of a director with the cinematographer Arjunjanna. The story is about a laid back cop who gets into an Mission which can resolve only by his quick witted mind and his unusual charm.
The director says that” the film will have abundant commercial elements and will be a treat for Ajit fans” post Billa Ajith is giving detail importance for his looks and appearance in the film. Nayathara the Sultry and sensuous Actress plays the leading lady in the film Aegan. Actor jayaram plays a pivotal role with immense comedy scenes to keep the audiences enthralled; upcoming actor Navdeep plays the second fiddle along with preethi a new comer. The other casts include suhasini, Nasser and Livingston.
The music is scored by yuvan Shankar raja with the best peppy tunes and grasping BGM that will keep the movie rocking, the film editor is V.T vijayan.
The film will be releasing in the mid of 2008.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Suhasini acts as Mother of Ajith

There are lots of Dangers in acting as the Mother of Actions Heroes. At least in a single scene, they may be subjected to face the anger of Villains, and their hands may be tied and suffer lots of similar problems etc. Starting from the Kannamal of yesteryears to the Seetha and Saranya of the present, no one is spared from these kinds of tortures. But, it is a matter surprise that-Suhasini has accepted to act as the Mother. Otherwise, in the small screen, she analyzes and comments about each and every film.

She is acting as the Mother of Ajith in the film "Eagan", directed by Raju Sundaram. In the beginning, Rajusundaram thought about many faces for this character. There are lots of emotional scenes between the Mother and Son in this film. So, he wanted an Actress who can express emotions very effectively.

Like a flash he remembered about Suhasini. Suhasini also happily accepted to act as the Mother of Ajith. She is expressing all kinds of emotions in the shooting which is going on in Yercaud.

Is it right to speak about an Ajith's film and not to give any information about "Thala"? Ajith went to the Cannes Film Festival. As he was walking in the Airport, a Lady walking before him dropped her Kerchief without knowledge. Ajith took that Kerchief and gave it to her. When that Lady identified that-It was Ajith who took and gave her Kerchief, she was dumbfounded for sometime. Ultimate Star Ajith came and patted her slightly on her shoulders and asked her to cool off and moved on! A friend of Ajith who traveled with Ajith was proudly expressing this simplicity of Ajith!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Aegan - Not just action

Contrary to expectations that Ajith’s Aegan will be an all out action ride, the movies crew has given us a feeler about its other side. Yes, Aegan will have action aplenty, enough to satiate all Ultimate Star fans but it will not be just action, there will be a strong sentimental current running through the movie. The outline of the story that

we have heard of suggests that lots of family emotions will be at play in this movie.

In Aegan, Ajith’s father marries a second time. Ajith’s foster brother, played by Navdeep, is born out of the marriage. The situations in the life of such a family, the sentiments involved between a step mother and son, are said to form a pivotal portion of the story. Suhasini plays the role of the second wife. The Aegan crew says that Ajith will be seen in many emotionally moving scenes and that will definitely grab our attention.

Also, the crew has revealed that a very stylish duet featuring Ajith and Nayanthara, one that will catch everyone’s eye is set to be shot very soon. In fact, news is that the crew is only waiting for Ajith to return from Cannes where he was present on the 18th along with Vishnuvardhan for the screening of Billa. So, Aegan is not just another action ride, we will get to see Ajith in yet another potentially moving performance after Kreedom. Let’s wait and watch.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Soundarya directs Ajith

"Billa" has gone to participate in the Cannes Film Festival. Ajith has also gone to this Festival. The news of the decision taken by Ajith is much more important than the Cannes Film Festival news.

Let's look behind a small flashback of some of the past happenings. RajiniKanth's Daughter Soundarya has joined hands with Warner Brothers to produce a film in her new banner. For this, she has even given Advance to Ajith. This new Company is in the plans to produce the film "Billa-2". For this, she spoke about the Salary to Vishnuvardhan, the Director of the film "Billa". The Salary demanded by him has shocked Soundarya. So, she came to a decision and met Ajith.

She screened and showed some scenes of the film "Sultan the Warrior", that is being directed by her. Ajith also saw this and he expressed his surprise-Wow… and appreciated her very much. Soundarya used this opportunity and conveyed the news with excitement that-"I will direct the film "Billa-2"". Ajith also accepted to her film direction proposal immediately.

Soundarya got the blessings from her Daddy RajiniKanth for her daring venture. Within few days, the formal and colorful announcement of this film is to come-out. All the refusals in the World, seems to be the beginning of something new things like this!

Let's wish her-"All the Best" for her trials!