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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kireedam Press Meet - THE HAPPENINGS

Kireedam the mega venture from the table of reliance adlabs and Sujatha cine arts starring our THALA AJIT. The production team held a press meet today. Raj narayan, Suresh balaji, Mano Akiini, AL VIJAY, Na.Muthukumar, GV Prakash were all present.

Kanavellam and Akkam Pakkam songs were played and it seems both songs rocked with excellent cinema making, camera and editing! THala looked awesome it seems. Ad labs Team, Director Vijay and GV Prakash were all very very confident about the film and have said it’s really a surprise that a debutant director has churned out such a good movie.

Director Vijay contributed the completion of work with good quality to producers, next to casting and last but not least to Thala Ajit. He said shooting took 72 days while movie making in total took 6 months. He has done his best and if anything goes wrong no one should blame Ajit but only blame him because it was he who persuaded thala to do this movie.
GVP said he spent 32 days to score the BGM, and has done a pretty good job and said the movie rocks.

Director Vijay on a final note said main credit goes to Ajit and Rajkiran for having come up with stunning performances. He also said Ajit will have a new and natural body language in this movie and Ajit has worked on it himself without any guidance. The two songs played seems to have excellent camerawork and akkam pakkam starts when both families watch some RAJINI movie in theater together and editing is a highpoint along with exotic locales and mind blowing camera work.

Mano Akkini the co-producer and the team leader of the adlabs production team was full of smiles and she expressed her great confidence in the movie and said they used AJit’s mass as their launch pad in kollywood .

Na.Muthukumar said he was friend of AL VIJAY for 10 years and when vijay invited him to write dialogues along with him for the movie, he was thrilled and grabbed the opportunity. He also appreciated Ajit’s screen presence and Rajkiran’s acting. Mr.Suresh balaji said the film is yet to be censored and 20th is still not a confirmed date and he wished to release as soon as possible. He also expected a very good reaction from the fans and crowd for the climax scene where he reported Ajit’s acting and Rajkiran’s acting were scintillating and he had no words to appreciate Ajit’s tremendous screen presence and his hard work to act in the most natural way without any build up being a mass hero.

We think KREEDAM will indeed crown Ajit thats for sure, hope it crowns Ajit Fans too! Now it’s in your hands mates to give the film a bumper never seen before opening!

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