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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Pain pushes one to excel

Ajith completes 36 and steps into 37 on his birthday today. Yesterday, he and his wife met the media.

Seated in a chair on a foot high dais, Ajith spoke in measured tones.

"I realized I have to interact closely with directors after 'Anjaneya.' Vijay, the director of 'Kireetam,' and I have developed a good sense of understanding. We discuss everything with each other.

Among new directors, I have enjoyed working with Vijay. I have worked with many new directors like SJ Suryah and AR Murugadoss to name a few. If anyone has any questions, please go ahead," said Ajith, and he was bombarded with questions.

Ajith did not reply in haste. He thought things over and spoke slowly and one could see changes in him.

Here goes...

Why do you refuse to meet the press?

Since I am busy with my work, I do not have the time. I avoid meeting press at the shooting spot because that time belongs to the producer and cannot be used by anyone else. Since I suffer from back pain, as soon as I finish shooting, I take rest. Other than these reasons, it is not that I do not want to meet the press.

What was the inspiration to remake 'Billa'?

When Amitabh's 'Don' was re-made, Shahrukh Khan acted in the main role. That was the inspiration to remake 'Billa.' We dedicate it to Rajini. He is the role model for all actors. There is nothing wrong in wanting to be like Rajini. Even before shooting for 'Billa' started, I went to meet Rajini and told him I was acting in the re-make. He blessed me.

How do you choose your films?

The story should touch me and as soon as I hear it, I should get up and applaud.

Many top stars act together in Hindi films?

If we get good stories, we can do the same here.

Since re-makes are on the rise, do you think it is because of lack of imagination on the part of directors?

It will be wrong for me to comment on this. It's all in the eyes of the beholder.

What lesson did you learn from 'Azhwar'?

To act unhurriedly and with patience.

You seem more patient in answering questions nowadays?

I'm older....so I've become more approachable.

It is said you will do 5 films in a row for Reliance?

That's all mere stories.

It is said you suffered from intense back pain during the shooting of 'Kireetam'?

I had 5 operations done on my back in 1993. Since then, every time I do action scenes, I go through hell. That same pain is egging me on to act better.

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