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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Director Saran spills the beans about his current project with Ultimate Star, Ajith. The film, produced by Sivaji Films, is slated to begin shoot from May 4.

"The story of ‘Asal’ has been a germ of an idea in me for over a few years now. When I told it to Ajith, he said he really liked it. And we hadn't decided on a title then. And Ajith immediately asked me, what is the word for The Original in Tamil? I said ‘Asal’, and immediately knew I got my movie's title," chuckles the director, who is yet to finalise two heroines for the film.

Speaking about the film's storyline, he says it is tad complicated. "One of the strong themes that the film rests on is going against anybody who cheats someone who believes them. In this film, Ajith will openly vent his anger out on such people. But the film is not just another revenge tale," he adds.

Plans are on to shoot the film in Tokyo and Turkey, and Saran admits that Ajith is special to him. "I've worked with many heroes, but I must admit that Ajith is special to me. He was completely sick, immobile, and admitted in a hospital a few years ago, and I went to meet him. I was shocked to see he could not even move his head, while the rest of his body remained numb to him. He saw me and said, 'Keep an action story ready for me. I'll be back in two months.' You won't believe that he was back in two months, and the film we did was 'Amarkalam'. Ajith is truly special and Asal."

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