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Monday, November 27, 2006

Asin on Alps travel with Ajith couple

Asin on Alps travel with Ajith couple

Asin is just back from Switzerland after finishing the shoots of Alwar. She did not come alone though. Well, don’t unleash your imagination yet.
It is just that she brought home loads of memories from the Alpine country. Now over to the petite beauty who couldn’t have enough of Switzerland.I flew to Switzerland with Ajith, Shalini, and my father Joseph Thottumkal. The landscape of that country was simply breathtaking and Alps was a marvel by itself. The sight of Alps was simply awe-inspiring and the only thing that made me frown during the trip was for dancing in those transparent outfits during the shoots, which froze me to death, quipped Asin. We had a great time sight seeing in winches that take you above the mountains and the view was spectacular, she added on.
Now that she loves the place, did she enquire the real estate value? Well, she did not say anything of that sort. On the other hand, she left a valuable piece of information before signing off. She uttered that she found a new friend in Shalini and movies with Ajith such as Varalaru and Alwar brought those ladies together. So, she wouldn’t miss all that girly talk while on the sets, would she?

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